1 Case 2013 Russian River Reserve Chardonnay

Current Release. 220 Cases Produced.

Light gold color. The nose is dominated by the fragrance of a cool, fresh bouquet of citrus blossoms and damp pebbles. There is that wonderful dewy wine country evening aroma that permeates the valley. Peach, minerals and apricot with a hint of green apple are complimented by just a touch of bread dough…like a fresh fruit tart waiting to be baked. There is a lush feel to this wine but it’s always kept light by the balance of the juicy acidity. Round and ripe depth of stone fruits are counterbalanced by a hint of minerality….and a focusing outline of acidity. The finish of this wine is very long, full and ripe, with a lingering impression of a creamy lemon tart.


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1 Case 2013 Russian River Reserve Chardonnay
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