1 Case 2013 Laguna Road Vineyard Chardonnay

Current Release. 93 Cases Produced.

This wine is pale green gold, the lightest color of the three. An understated yet distinct nose of crisp wet stones and tingly minerality is joined by a whisper of white peach and a hint of taffy. The aromas are subdued but intriguing; especially the minerality. Along with citrus there is a flavor of small green apples that are carried on the pleasing, slightly astringent, tartness. The hint of oak is subtle but it has an important role. All of this, including the aroma, immediately reminds me of a white Burgundy. The flavors are carried more on the surface like a fine edged, delicate Chablis with just enough oak and fruit depth to balance the fresh acidity like a Pouilly Fuisse. The mineral and citrus notes vaporize into the long lingering finish where a touch of almond shows up.


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1 Case 2013 Laguna Road Vineyard Chardonnay
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